Public Speaking and Debating News

The 2013 Year 7 Public Speaker of the Year Competition was a success.

Eight young girls spoke confidently about their selected topics, “Laughter is the best medicine”, “We are one but we are many” and “Today is the day”. It was a difficult decision for the judge, Ms Bunning, with so many excellent speeches, with each student revealing her own style and personality, but Ms Bunning managed to select a winner. Congratulations to Alysha Wanigaratne, the Year 7 Public Speaker of the Year, who spoke about the Great Barrier Reef and the possibility of its extinction. We definitely have some aspiring public speakers amongst us.

news: public speakingThe regional competition for the Debaters Association Senior Competition is now complete with Avila having both a Year 12 team and a Year 9 team go through to the finals. Congratulations to the two Year 9 teams who debated Emmaus at Avila last week. Both won with Isabelle Benedos and Rachel Whitting being awarded the “Best Speaker Award” in their respective debates. We wish them well for the playoffs.

Mrs Christine Valla dares
Public Speaking and Debating Coordinator